Other forms of superstitious charms may have been popular for Gilneans. During the first vote, representative Tervosh of Theramore was the second non-sponsoring party to vote in favor of Gilneas. King Genn also ferociously advocated giving Isiden Perenolde the Alterac throne during the Crisis of Alterac Succession in the hopes of gaining access to new resources and expanding its maritime trade. House Greymane presently rules Gilneas. Almost all human mages, regardless of national affiliation, received their formal arcane training from Dalaran prior to the Age of Chaos. Indeed, Gilneas and Ironforge share a similar dedication to industrialization, metalworking, and engineering, including the use of firearms and cannons in their militaries. While some pastimes may be more particular to the Gilneas, the nation likely shared many of its popular recreational activities with its fellow Seven Kingdoms.

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Minstrels were relatively common in the Eastern Kingdoms.

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Before long, Gilneans were fighting against Gilneans in a bloody civil war that left the kingdom in tatters. The king holds executive power over the nobles, the treasury, the military, laws and administration. In rural agrarian communities, druids may serve similarly as local healers. Gilnean homes also show the use of coal as fuel for their fireplaces. The lands of Lord Darius Crowley including Pyrewood and Ambermill were notably separated from their liege and nation by the Wall, [4] effectively ceded to Lordaeron.

Gilneas may have found ways to improve their refinement of coal, which may have further improved their iron-making capacities. Mayors also represented the townships and reported to the nobility and kings. Gilneans additionally faced numerous economic recessions by the lack of trading with other nations, forcing them to become wholly self-sufficient. Gilneans may have also visited parks as a form of recreation.


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It is customary for attendees of wedding parties to bring gifts for the bride and groom. Lord Genn Greymanea brawny warrior who may be ov his seventies, has ruled Gilneas for decades.

Like most humansthey typically revere the Holy Lightthough some formerly reclusive ruralists [4] practice a form of druidism. Krennan Aranas also devises, with the aid of Belrysa Starbreeze, a potion that helps restoring the minds of feral worgen.

One hundred copper coins equal a silver piece, and one hundred silver coins equal a gold piece. Whatever the case may be, Gilneas is the only known location at this time with druidism practiced by humans.

Statements needing citations Speculation Human nations Gilneas kingdom. This group of Gilneans won a key battle within Ashenvale that helped the night elves push back the orcs.

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The native resources have not been exhausted by their industrialization. Dubbed the Gilneas Liberation Gllneas, the remaining militant forces fought a brutal battle against the Forsaken across Silverpine.

I shall be deleting this now to avoid double posted maps. The forsaken, untrustful of the Gilneans, began erecting massive forts behind the wall, heavily fortified, while the Gilneans retreated to the city along with the seventh legion, intent upon routing any forsaken that remained within Gilneas. One headstone has a rectangular shape with a rounded top and slightly indented sides.

A few homes have roses posted to the outer frame of their doors, which may have served as a superstitious ward against evil or is simply showing gifts of endearment. There appear to be at least three divisions: At first glance this statement about druidic origins would appear to apply to the druidic night elves, but Prince Arthas helps Jaina prepare for Noblegarden by filling eggs with candies.


Players enter the story as a human.

In the Warcraft III: By the start of the Second War Gilneas had become recognized as a significant entity in the political landscape of Lordaeron. Some wetland areas may have been drained to provide for further farmlands.

The Gilnean royal family probably gave strong patronage to the natural and engineering sciences in order to ensure the long-term prosperity of the industrial reforms. Gilneas shares many of its major holidays and festivals with Lordaeron and Stormwind, presumably along with the other human Seven Kingdoms.

The ashes nourish the soil, and this rite nourishes our souls. House Greymane presently rules Gilneas.

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The nature of light motifs in their material culture suggests Gilneans placed a unique emphasis on the Holy Light. For the remainder of the starting experience, players will experience the dual threats of the effects of the Shattering upon Gilneas and the Forsaken siege. Gilneas uses the gold standard for a monetary system, as do most political nations of Azeroth.